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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 6, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning. we're live in the south bay where opponents have just filed lawsuits to stop measure b the pension reform that was just overly approved yesterday by voters. and a south bay campus reacts to chilling news of a double murder that claimed the life of a high schooler during an out of state visit. the news starts now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. a major victory for the mayor of san jose and blow for city employees. measure b passes overwhelmingly.
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as a result, the lawsuits, let them begin. we have bob live right now in san jose where a news conference is about to start launching the battles. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. some affected by measure b are not wasting anytime after the courts open here in downtown san jose. lawyers representing the san jose police and firefighters union asking for an injunction to stop the implementation of measure b. a hearing is expected on that action within the next two-to-four weeks. it is conceivable that this fight could drag on for months if not years. mayor chuck reed has been arguing for the measure to help close the city's budget deficit. saying it will save the city $25 million the first year. enough to begin hiring back police and firefighters and reinstating like libraries and
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community centers. that's where the unions have the biggest problem. they argue the city is breaking a promise made to their workers. >> we would rather not be here. we would have rather resolved this at the bargaining table. the mayor preferred litigation and to roll the dice. he may consider 65 years of precedent in california, but we think the law is on our side in this case. >> we used outside counsel to draft this and our powers as a charter city. there will be litigations. nothing important happens without litigation in california. we will go through that process. >> reporter: and the mayor tells us that they will begin i ame s implementing on tuesday for the
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city council meeting. back out here live, you can see the news conference going on behind me with lawyers representing the police and firefighters union. another lawsuit will be filed on friday on behalf of architects and engineers who work for the city. reporting live for nbc bay area news. it is down to the tobacco tax. proposition 29 is losing by just over 1%. but hundreds of thousands of ballots potentially remain uncounted. the yes vote is 49%. the no vote is 51%. prop 29 would add $1 tax onciga. the money would fund cancer research. some people are disappointed by the results and others are glad it is losing. >> i don't think it is necessary. it is not going to stop people from buying cigarettes,
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necessarily. if it -- they are already expensive enough as it is. what is an extra $1 going do. >> i wish it would pass so we have research done on prop 29. >> big tobacco companies are thrilled to see the latest numbers after prop 29 supporters being outspent by $40 million to defeat. it our election coverage continues on the the bottom of the screen. you can get them anytime on the presidential campaign returning to the bay area. this is sfo where the president is about to land in a half hour. he is trying to add cash to the campaign coffers. he will an attend two fund-raiser events before heading to los angeles. the president was just in the bay area two weeks ago attending a fund-raiser in the silicon valley. tickets ranging from $5 to
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$50,000. we have developing news to tell you about from mountain view. caltrans is reporting a deadly crash at 9:45 this morning. a train heading south hit and killed a man at the caltrans station. we don't know the circumstances surrounding the crash. trains are single track in that area. there are delays on southbound and northbound trains in mountain view. once again, a deadly crash on caltrain. also happen in mountain view. students and staff of st. francis high school in mountain view are shocked and saddened to learn a classmate was killed in a double murder in oregon. 16-year-old nicholas juarez and his mother were shot in their home on monday night. juarez was in oregon for a
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week-long visit. he admitted to shooting his mother and nephew with a hunting rifle. his soccer coach had only nice things to say about the teenager. >> nick is a great kid. very positive. great teammate. he was a great competitor. he tried hard to do whatever he needed to do to help the team. >> so far, police have not released a motive. the family says they are devastated by the senseless loss. there are lots of questions this morning about the officer-involved shooting of a 14-year-old boy in south san francisco. police say it happened last night after the teen pulled out a gun. we have christie smith live where the department is expected to talk about the shooting in a half hour from now. christie, what is the latest out there? >> reporter: good morning. that is right, in 30 minutes, the san francisco police will come outside and talk about the
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officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of a teen. they have to the said much about it this morning, but we spoke with friends who knew him. they tell us he was just 14 years old. diana margola left a letter of condolen condolence. she says her son went to westborough middle school. they we they were out for the summer. the kids hung out at the mcdonald's where the incident happened last night at 9:00. the officers tried to stop two people. one of them ran. the officer saw a suspect with a gun and the officer feared for his life and opened fire. what the initial contact was about, police have to the said yes. those who know the teen are in shock. >> my son is 14 years old. he was with him the night before. i just think about my son and i
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just feel like it needs to stop. >> reporter: now that second suspect was apparently taken to the police department and interviewed. the gas station manager told us police asked to see footage from security cameras, but they weren't pointed at the right angle. they did not capture anything. there were reports of a gun found at the scene, but not fired. reporting live in south san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. pg & e is in trouble again. they are warning state leaders of 200 trouble spots where gas pipelines could be severely corroded. 180 areas are inadequate. some have remained that way for many years.
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pg & e will release a report in 20 days. the aftermath of volunteers are fanning out in morgan hill once again this morning searching for sierra lamar. they called off the search in the reservoir. garcia torres is charged with her kidnapping, but her body has yet to be found. the search is heading up in morgan hill. the aftermath of occupy protests is adding up to a big bill for oakland. the city has budgeted $750,000 to outsource dozens of internal affairs investigations. city leaders say time is running out. some current cases as well as
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future ones will go to law firms and private investigators to get the job done within six months. usually when we wrap up our newscast, i walk outside and you say it will be a great day. >> today will be perfect. not just inside your car, but outside of your car as well. a warm day shaping up courtesy of clear conditions. you can see that vividly. the mountains surrounding san jose. getting great weather. we are the envy of the nation right now. let's talk about where your temperatures are and where they are headed. 65 degrees in san jose. 66 in livermore. 73 degrees in sunnyvale. it will be five or ten degrees warmer than yesterday. the breeze will pick up for the afternoon. tomorrow, more of the 80 degree readings inland and the major heat arrives just in time for the weekend. i'll let you know which day is better to hit the beach.
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>> i always appreciate it when you remind us how nice it is to live out here. it makes it easy to swallow the housing prices. thanks, christina. the reading world is mourning the loss of an author this morning. we are learning about evidence prosecutors will use to try to convict the penn state coach of sex abuse. and the northern california city drowning in debt and it is looking at bankruptcy. hackers hard at work hacking linkedin and mitt romney. we will take a look coming up.
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welcome back. famed author ray bradbury has passed away at the age of 91. the science fiction writer of "451" died this morning in los
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angeles. he is survived by his four daughters and grandchildren. his wife of 56 years died back in 2003. a leading chinese dissident has died in central china. lee wong yong has been in prison for the protests that left unarmed civilians dead. he met with supporters of the protests. lee's family found him hanging in a hospital ward. the family says they cannot imagine he would take his own life. officers took his body away without their permission. the taliban claiming responsibility for the suicide bombings in southern afghanistan. at least 22 people have been killed and 50 others injured in kandahar. it happened outside the coalition air base. no troops were injured by the blast. witnesses say several men on
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motorcycles and on foot detonated explosives. a pre-trial hearing for an army private accused of the leak of government secrets. 24-year-old bradley manning returned to the military courtroom in maryland today. his lawyers are trying to dismiss 10 of 22 charges he faces. he is accused of aiding the enemy of war logs to be published on the web site wiki leaks. we are getting details in the jerry sandusky case. jury selection entering the second day in the child sex abuse trial of the assistant coach. prosecutors plan to start their case by reading letters he wrote to one of his alleged victims. these letters are said to describe a relationship between the two men. according to a grand jury report, sandusky used, quote, guilt and bribery to maintain a
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relationship with the victims. testimony could start monday. another california city is wavering on the brink of bankruptcy. the city of stockton is considering filing for bankruptcy protection by the end of the month. the city has defaulted on bank bonds and cut essential services to what some call unacceptable levels. if stockton does file bankruptcy, it is the largest city to do it. google wrapped up the future of maps. they will be 3 d. google has been sending small planes to circle around major american cities to get pictures of buildings so engineers can turn the maps into three dimensional representations. no word on when they will be ready.
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in the meantime, the stock market soared ahead. the dow is up just about 200 points. scott mcgrew says it is putting stocks back in the black for the year. >> good morning. it is hard to point to a single cause for the bullish feeling. it could be the statements made by the european central banks. it is a broad rally. the dow, as you mentioned, is up. even facebook moved into the positive after closing at a record low on tuesday. hackers have posted what appeared to be linkedin bulletin board. linkedin is aware of the claims. republican candidate mitt romney had his e-mail hacked. romney has a hotmail account, one he no longer uses. someone was able to get in and guess his password by answering
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one of the security questions, specifically what is your favorite pet. the proper authorities are investigating, but have not commented further. you may recall something similar happened to vice presidential candidate sarah palin. here is a look at the video chat system airtime. it is a system from facebook which already had video chat in the form of skype. we hear from bloggers that the launch of this which took place in new york city was plagued by glitches and problems. it went so badly, in fact, some of the stars invited to the big launch, including jim carrey and snoop dogg assumed they were getting punked in some way. you can try it out for free through facebook. >> d-o-g-g got the invite. >> and if something went wrong, jim carrey can act like it is a
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joke. let's check in with the weather. are you okay? i heard something fall. i'm okay. we are in the upper 60s and 70s popping up on the temperature map. first, we want to start with aerials from the chopper. this is the olympic club in san francisco. home of the u.s. open which will start here in the bay area next thursday. tiger woods coming to town and the defending young champion rory mcilroy. marla will be out there next week. you have to tune in for that. she is beaming out here. let's take it local. let's show you what is happening over alcatraz island. this camera has a shake to it. the breezes will continue to pick up this afternoon. you can see for miles here. clear shot of the tower and a couple of sailboats out here today.
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if you are going to go sailing or have mariner interests, the winds will pick up. we have a tight pressure gradient out there. if you live with one of the flood prone areas, watch out for that. area of low pressure and that will ride to the north. not impacting us too much. the temperatures will climb black to the 80s on the temperature map. i have put on a few today. in napa and fairfield. 81 degrees in almaden valley. a taste for tomorrow. thursday readings running about five to ten degrees warmer than what we are expecting today. 80 degrees in lynnwood tomorrow. the real warm up. really kicks in to high gear. they are playing golf in some hot weather. let's see if marla has it.
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rory mcilroy. >> right. >> he's cute. >> tiger woods. >> i got that one down. >> tiger, tiger woods, ya'll. coming up, asking for a break. why the mayors are appealing to the nation's largest banks and how that request to affect your mortgage. need a get away? how about on the cheap? you can see some of the most scenic spots for free all weekend long.
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that's more than cable. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse -- tv like you've never seen before. ♪ welcome back. some bay area leaders asking banks to give mortgage customers a little break. chuck reed, the mayor of san jose and ed lee sent a letter this week asking the top five largest banks to temporarily
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halt foreclosures in the fraudulent robo-signing scandal. the mayors would like to protect homeowners until this takes effect on july 1st. are you looking for something free to do this weekend? visit a national park. yosemite will let you in no charge on saturday. that is all part of national get outdoors day created five years ago to encourage more americans to experience nature. all national parks are eligible. >> i like the price. free. coming up, the olympic athlete getting worldwide attention not just for her talent, but bulging belly. we'll explain this one coming up. n
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welcome back.
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it will be beautiful today and by tomorrow, the 80s return. come this weekend, might be a little bit too hot for outdoor plans. you may want to hit the beach. 81 degrees on sunday. back to you, two. thank you very much. finally this morning, how about an olympic athlete going above and beyond the call of duty. >> 29-year-old suryani taibi will represent her country when she competes in the air rifle event. she is expected to give birth to her first child on september 2nd. that is less than a month after the end of the olympic games. her husband and doctor will fly with her to husband. she should try to sleep during the 13-hour flight. >> that's called commitment. you don't need a doctor to tell you to rest when you are pregnant. >> ladies, aren't we strong? thanks for being with us. see you later tonight.
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